Order programme materials for UK schools


If you are a trained Skills for Life programmes teacher, you need to order resources to deliver the programmes.

Zippy’s Friends Materials

Everything you need to teach the programme is included in the full set, children’s items are also available to order separately for subsequent classes:

  • A teacher's folder including all of the lesson plans, stories, illustrations, activity sheets and home activities, plus a free DVD with many of the materials provided electronically
  • An Inclusion Supplement with adapted activities to support children with special needs in mainstream schools
  • Includes all of the children’s items for a class of 30 (excluding the Zippy’s Friends Story Booklets and the Audio CD of the stories).  
    • 60 blank puppets and 30 crowns. Pre-cut in white card and ready to decorate. Two puppets per child for roleplay and crowns to celebrate the end of the programme in style
    • 30 children's certificates and a class certificate
    • 1 school certificate to display in the classroom or in your school reception to show you are a Zippy’s Friends School           
    • 30 My Zippy Books - Keep all of the children’s activities together in these beautifully designed activity books. The My Zippy Book contains all of the drawing and writing activities the children do over the course of the programme including a different feedback page for each session
    • 30 Parents' Guides for parents and carers to let them know what their child will be learning and how they can support Zippy’s Friends at home        
    • 80 Zippy Tips Cards which are credit-card sized cards showing the 4 steps to a good solution and the 2 golden rules that a good solution must follow. Enough cards for 2 per child (so one can be kept at school and one sent home) as well as extras for other school staff so that the ethos of Zippy’s Friends can be spread throughout the school
    • Set of 8 posters - Scenes from all six stories, a poster of all the characters and the Rules poster. Ideal for creating a Zippy’s Friends corner or notice board

Zippy’s Friends for SEN Materials:

  • All of the above Zippy’s Friends items are included apart from the My Zippy Books
  • A Special Needs Supplement is provided in replace of the Inclusion Supplement
  • Quantities are for a class of 15.

Additional items available to buy for your Zippy’s Friends lessons:

  • A set of Zippy's Friends Story Booklets (30 of each of the six stories) which can be given to the children after each module
  • An audio CD of the stories - Sir Derek Jacobi reads the Zippy’s Friends stories including abridged version of each at three different levels - great for reinforcing the main ideas of each story for children with additional needs
  • Tablet Supplement – A selection of alternative activities which can enhance Zippy’s Friends in schools with a class set of tablets
  • Zippy at Home Facilitators Manual – Detailed to deliver a short course to parents and carers whose children are taking part in Zippy’s Friends.

Apple’s Friends Materials

The Apple’s Friends full set of materials contains everything you need to teach Apple’s Friends to a class of 30 children. Items available to order separately too.

  • A folder with lesson plans, Activity Sheets, Home Activities and stories
  • A free CD and DVD with materials electronically and film clips you can use in the programme
  • A school poster
  • Certificates for each child, a class certificate and a school certificate
  • 30 Parents’ leaflets to send home to inform parents about the programme
  • 80 Apple’s Friends tips cards with the key information about the programme in an easy to remember format

Passport Materials

Everything you need to teach the programme is included in the full set, children's items are available to order separately too:

  • A teacher's folder including all of the lesson plans, comic stories, Activity Sheets and Home Activities, plus a link to many of the materials provided electronically
  • 30 Passport children's certificates
  • Set of 3 posters - The Rules poster, the Thermometer poster and the Friendship Tree poster to display and use during the programme
  • 31 Passports for the children to complete during the programme (includes one for the teacher)
  • 30 cardboard Coping Kits for the children to make and fill with their coping ideas
  • 30 sets of comic strip stories (1 set for each child)
  • 1 set of 23 emotions cards to display and use during the programme


The children could easily identify with the stories and they love Zippy and Apple

UK Teacher