Zippy’s Friends and Apple’s Friends for looked after children

Coping with change can be a barrier to positive mental health amongst looked after children. Changes in foster care placements and schools, issues around contact with families and many other emotional challenges that looked after children might face can also impact on their education and experience of school.  

An initial pilot with a virtual school in Croydon found Zippy’s Friends improved looked after children’s ability to communicate with others, cope with difficulties, express their feelings, find positive solutions to problems and helped them to develop a better self-image. The children that took part in the programme also managed a smoother transition to other schools and progress was noted in the key areas of numeracy and literacy.

We are currently working with virtual schools around the UK on a larger scale pilot of Zippy’s Friends and Apple’s Friends for looked after children.

If you are interested in finding out more about this project, please contact us.

‘I think we can all help each other and it is OK to get help. Not everyone has the answers’

Child in foster care, Croydon