Where we work in Latin America


  • Launched 2010
  • Schools and kindergartens this year - 4
  • Children this year - 218
  • Total children since launch - 5,644 

Los Amigos de Zippy began in Argentina in 2010, as part of a wider expansion of the programme in Latin America sponsored by HSBC. It was initially managed by Asociación Civil Lekotek, an agency which specialised in providing play facilities in schools and communities as well as helping children with special needs. As the programme grew, a new agency was set up to take over its coordination. Asociacion Ser+ was founded in late 2012, with a mission to develop prevention and health programmes aimed at children, families and the community. Asociacion Ser+ is now expanding the programme beyond the capital and into different types of school. They have also started running Los Amigos de Zippy in some SOS Villages, bringing the benefits of the programme to even more children. 

Our partner in Argentina - SER+
Coordinator: Gabriela Oller
Email: info@sermas.org.ar
Phone: 5411-4382-2227



  • Launched 2003
  • Schools and kindergartens this year - 150
  • Children this year - 6,804
  • Total children since launch - 297,208

The Brazilian Zippy’s Friends programme is one of the largest in the world. From its start in a few schools in São Paulo in 2004, the programme has expanded enormously and is now running in five Brazilian states, in more than 40 cities.

Our original partner in Brazil was CVV (Centro de Valorização da Vida), a national network of centres offering a listening service to people in crisis, but in 2006 a new organisation was set up, specifically to run Amigos do Zippy and similar programmes: ASEC (Associação pela Saúde Emocional de Crianças). Its small and dedicated team of trainers has had great success in developing Amigos do Zippy.

Our partner in Brazil - ASEC
Coordinator: Juliana Fleury
Email: jufleury@terra.com.br
Phone: +55 11 9931 1329
Website: www.amigosdozippy.org.br 

El Salvador

  • Launched 2012
  • Schools and kindergartens this year - 4
  • Children this year - 315
  • Total children since launch - 5,372

Los Amigos de Zippy started running in El Salvador in 2012, coordinated by FEPADE, an agency that strives to improve excellence in education.

FEPADE, with more than 25 years’ experience, provides technical and practical support to schools in different ways; improving schools' infrastructure, training teachers (especially in technical subjects) and providing scholarships for children in need, and now, through Los Amigos de Zippy, promoting children’s emotional and mental health.

The programme is supported by Banco Davivienda Salvadoreño.

Our partner in El Salvador - FEPADE
Coordinator: Ana Bardi
Email: anabardi@fepade.org.sv 
Phone: (503) 2212 1633



  • Launched 2010
  • Schools and kindergartens this year - 35
  • Children this year - 3,006
  • Total children since launch - 32,031

Panama was one of three Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America to launch Los Amigos de Zippy in 2010, and was taken on by the Universidad Especializada de las Américas (UDELAS), which has many years’ experience of working in education and child development. With the support of the Ministry of Education and the enthusiasm of schools and families, the programme expanded rapidly, with 5,000 children benefiting from the programme in just three years. This is quite an achievement for a country of only 3.5 million inhabitants.

In 2013 Fundamericas, the UDELAS Trust, took over the running of the programme, aiming to bring the programme to even more children. Los Amigos de Zippy in Panama is sponsored by HSBC.

Our partner in Panama - UDELAS
Coordinator: Gloria Mercedes De Gracia
Email: losamigosdezippypanama@gmail.com
Telephone: 501-1036