Our Priorities

Our vision is a world in which the development of mental health and emotional resilience is part of life for every child – at home, at school and in the community.

Last year more than 180,000 children enrolled in our Skills for Life programmes around the world. That’s a big number but only a small fraction of the world’s children. There is both the need and the opportunity to do more.

We want to build the social and emotional skills of children across the entire primary school age range through well-evidenced programmes and collaborative, multi-lateral partnerships.

Our goals for 2020 – 2022:

  • Reach more children and young people, including underserved groups, through evidence-informed programmes
  • Enhance partnerships to increase reach and sustainability
  • Grow our funding to resource our ambitions for new programmes and partnerships
  • Optimise the structure and capacity of Partnership for Children to deliver our strategic goals