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Zippy's Friends helped an adopted child improve their confidence and coping skills

A teacher in Gloucestershire who has been running Zippy’s Friends for two years has found that the programme has had a positive impact on an adopted child in her class and has seen how the programme helps all children to talk about emotions in a mature way.

‘There is an adopted child in our class who finds it hard to concentrate in a large group, he used to like to roll around the carpet and distract others. Since taking part in Zippy’s Friends, he is now able to cope much better in whole class discussions and gives excellent contributions to the group which supports his relationships with his peers.

The programme has also helped a child that has lived in an environment with domestic abuse and neglect. He didn't contribute to the Zippy’s Friends class in the beginning but now has the confidence and vocabulary to discuss his feelings more freely. Many children’s families have noticed the maturity of the vocabulary the children use when talking about their emotions at home.

Zippy’s Friends is a super programme to deliver with excellent teaching resources. It helps children to start discussing their emotions from an early age leading to good wellbeing as they grow up, a lifelong skill.

It’s great to see how the children develop throughout the programme. It has helped the children to discuss emotions in a mature way and be more thoughtful about the feelings of others.’