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Zippy’s Friends helps a boy cope with his father’s absence

A mother in Andradina, Brazil, noticed that the programme helped her son deal with change when her husband had to go away for work.

‘My husband passed a public competition and he has been working in another town for a year now. It is, therefore, hard for him to be constantly at home. For my son, who is really attached to his father, it was a shock not to have him around every day. I often noticed that, when my husband was home, he was not able to enjoy him because he was worried, anxious to know if he would have to leave soon. And when his father did leave, he would hide and cry, and I didn’t know how to comfort him, so I kept quiet. After he started Zippy’s Friends, things changed. Even my husband, who is far away, noticed the difference. When he arrives, my son enjoys his time, plays, talks, has a lot of fun with his dad, not worrying about when he will leave, and at the ‘bus time’, he lets him go calmly because he has matured with Zippy’s Friends, and he understands his dad will come back.’