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Zippy's Friends is popular with children and parents alike

Sarah Pask is a learning mentor at Geddington Primary School in Northamptonshire. She has been running Zippy's Friends for two years alongside the class teacher Caroline Hammond.

This is our second year of running the program and again it has proved to be very popular with the children and parents alike.

Zippy's friends has had a very positive impact throughout the class. Children are more open with others and have a better vocabulary to express their feelings. The sessions have increased their awareness of how important it is to talk to others and has significantly increased their confidence and self-esteem.

Parents have been very positive about the Zippy's Friends program. Many have noticed their child talking to them more about feelings and emotions, and showing at home the various skills they have learnt in the program such as anger methods and relaxations techniques.

I find the resources very helpful, they are a good guideline to each session. I find the inclusion supplement very handy, I have used it for multiple lessons. It often has good ideas for SEN and provides inspiration for my own ideas. Zippy offers a fun way of helping children understand their feelings and emotions.

I would definitely recommend Zippy's Friends to other schools; Zippy offers a fun way of helping children understand their feelings and emotions, and gives them the tools to help themselves and others overcome difficulties.